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Geek humour.  [ profile] popfiend  and some others might get it.


PC HD gave me a bunch of out of space weirdass messages on Thursday so the weekend project will be moving all my stuff to a new HD. Especially since my HD is a Maxtor of the crappy die in a year variety. (yes, there was a bad batch of Maxtors. Seems as if this is one of those.)

Which means reinstalling my OS.  Sigh.  Will start that longish process this evening.  Will also upgrade my videocard while I am at it.  Lemme play with ATI on Linux, since someone has to.

(and yes, I am one of the weird minority who uses Linux as his only desktop OS at home)  I don't have a mac and I can't afford the time it takes to keep a Windows installation relatively clean.

Lost access to a BUCKETFUL of my mail (it is still there, just have to reimport it...)

Bitching at ABC follows, so LJ cut. Those who get angry at the rightwing might want to avoid, to avoid increased blood pressure. )

ABC sucks donkey balls.  Watch anything other than that rightwing distortion of fact masquerading as a 9/11 story.

Lemme quote (from a message thread at Steve's News Blog )

hmmm, let's see...

Covertly funded to the tune of 40 million dollars by a recently discovered far right-wing operation – operating in Hollywood (allegedly for cover)

Secretly sent advanced copies to Rush Limbaugh and other far right-wing operatives who just so happen to stridently advance the exact same inaccurate views as portrayed in the film.

Denied the parties actually depicted in film advanced copies of the film, including the former President of the United States.

Condemned as, defamatory, slanderous, improvised, contrived, and grossly inaccurate by most, if not all experts involved in the actual supervision of the production, political pundits on both sides of the aisle - not to mention the former government officials who were actually depicted in the film and even actors themselves.

Condemned by all of one of the Commissioners of the 9/11 Commission itself, the purported and advertised basis of the legitimacy film. (the one exception, Tom Kean gave a changing opinion of his views of the film –and did not openly deny the inaccuracies, but instead pointed out that Bill Clinton, the primary target of the slanderous inaccuracies was currently campaigning for the opponent of his son in an upcoming New Jersey mid-term Congressional election.)

Several FBI experts terminated their employment on the project either immediately after reading the grossly inaccurate script – or shortly after they were told their recommendations for major script changes in order to correct the gross inaccuracies were not going to occur.

Planned to be aired on the anniversary of the event itself, September 11th, a date with serious emotional ties to the vast majority of the people of the United States of America, when thousands of innocent (Democratic, Republican, Independent and Apolitical) men, women and children were brutally murdered in one of the most serious and traumatizing events in American history.

Planned to be aired on Public Airways a month before a major mid-term Congressional Election – and directly misrepresenting serious issues currently being discussed in the political discourse pertaining to such elections.

Free copies planned to be distributed en masse to our Educational System, particularly at the High School Level, where political orientation is still at an impressionable stage.

Emails disclosed from officials involved in the project to far right-wing pundits stating that the (implied deliberate) slanderous inaccuracies were still “in tact” and all was still going as planned.

An actual “news” article on ABC NEWS labeling all who expressed their disagreement, distress or anger with the gross inaccuracies in, and controversial origins of the film as “Clintonistas”, a slang term also frequently used by the aforementioned far right-wing political pundits.

Repeated fraudulent misrepresentations and advertisements of the film as being based on the 9/11 commission - even AFTER the 9/11 Commission itself had publicly condemned the film as a grossly inaccurate representation of their bi-partisan findings.

....did I miss anything?

So watch something else.

DVDs are good.  Any non-ABC network is even better.  If you simoly MUST watch ABC, watch football.

Yeah.  Off to somewhere that is cool and that has broadband, so I can download big downloads.  Hopefully.


Nov. 16th, 2005 11:25 am
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testing Deepest Sender, pls ignore.
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1) A certain Canadian mook has a DVD out. Lots of wrestly matches and prime Canadian bacon, presumably. DVD is supposed to be quite good, and is not a burial job.

2) Apparently Silent Bob did another movie with Jay. This one in Canada. With Degrassi High. http://www.silentbobspeaks

3) You would not have liked to experience Raw Is Eddie. This one hurt worse than Raw is Owen, and it's kind of scary to see DAVE with bacon eyes because he's been crying so much. Chris. And Rey, who took his mask off. Weirdly, it was the best night of wrestling that Raw put out in months. Surreal.

4) Only sour note for me was from Kermit's comments (hawk, ptui). My dislike for him as a person has actually not diminished since his conversion, but that is because he reminds me of those sleazy Christianists I try to avoid.

5) We've had about four inches of rain since Sunday. I hate tropical systems.

6) I am cold and wet. See above rain.

7) My system is still down, because of the wanting of a Windows 2000 bootable CD I cannot believe that the system can be made so nonrobust that it refuses to use mouse or keyboard drivers.

8) Linux is more ready for gneral use than most people think, but not yet ready enough for some. (I've had to throw some parts together and install a SimplyMepis box for use at home, but I don't have any music or games. :( They are all on the borked PC. )

9) I love you guys and hope that all of you are closer to your personal goals today.

10) There is no 10 as yet.

11) The volume knob should reach here sometimes.


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