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Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.


Another Radical gone.
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1) A certain Canadian mook has a DVD out. Lots of wrestly matches and prime Canadian bacon, presumably. DVD is supposed to be quite good, and is not a burial job.

2) Apparently Silent Bob did another movie with Jay. This one in Canada. With Degrassi High. http://www.silentbobspeaks

3) You would not have liked to experience Raw Is Eddie. This one hurt worse than Raw is Owen, and it's kind of scary to see DAVE with bacon eyes because he's been crying so much. Chris. And Rey, who took his mask off. Weirdly, it was the best night of wrestling that Raw put out in months. Surreal.

4) Only sour note for me was from Kermit's comments (hawk, ptui). My dislike for him as a person has actually not diminished since his conversion, but that is because he reminds me of those sleazy Christianists I try to avoid.

5) We've had about four inches of rain since Sunday. I hate tropical systems.

6) I am cold and wet. See above rain.

7) My system is still down, because of the wanting of a Windows 2000 bootable CD I cannot believe that the system can be made so nonrobust that it refuses to use mouse or keyboard drivers.

8) Linux is more ready for gneral use than most people think, but not yet ready enough for some. (I've had to throw some parts together and install a SimplyMepis box for use at home, but I don't have any music or games. :( They are all on the borked PC. )

9) I love you guys and hope that all of you are closer to your personal goals today.

10) There is no 10 as yet.

11) The volume knob should reach here sometimes.


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