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Famous Artist/Band/Musician:

4 letter word:

Range rover

TV Show:


Boy Name:

Girl name:

Alcoholic drink:

Remedial math teacher

Something you wear:

Rosario Dawson :dribble:


Something found in a kitchen:
red beans

Reason for being late:

Cartoon character:
Reed Richards

Film Title:
Rambo: First Blood part II
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because I'm in a kind of avoiding mood today. So I meme. Plus it's rainy.

A simple meme of two-two-one-one.

If you choose to reply,

Please list two movies you think I should see and why you thought of me for these movies?

Please list two books you think I should read and why you thought of me for these books?

Please list one TV show you think I should see and why you thought of me for this show?

One website you think that you should see

I'll start by doing one as if I was replying to this quiz to someone on my FList who I will not name.


The movies?

V for Vendetta. That movie resonates with me, and I think that you would appreciate it for the modern classic it is.

Three Kings. Accurate depiction of modern war, and a great acting job by the three principal actors. One of the first "I will not act in crap" movies by George Clooney, before his recent pledge to not act in crap.

The Books?

"Jingo" by Terry Pratchett. Written for another time, but almost prophetic. Even though it's comic gold, and does include a great visual of Nobbs in a dress. (This could have easily been "Thud", if only for the backhand that Pratchett gives the Dan Brown genre of books)

I'll go with "Among the Believers" by Naipaul for my second book. naipaul no longer writes comic books, but this one is pretty meaty reading.

TV show?


The Life and Times of Juniper Lee? Pretty decent for a Cartoon Network cartoon. Would have preferred Samurai Jack, but ah, well.

That is the draft example. :P

Anybody wanna give me some recommendations?
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[ profile] dawnmipb invited me... tell you ten things that make me happy.

1)  Joy.
2)  Puttering about on my PC
3)  The satisfaction of a solution to a hard-thought problem.  Sometimes involving working with my hands, sometimes involving work with the brain.
4)  The taste of barbecue sauce on the hand, in the middle of eating barbecue
5)  The smell of a new hardcover novel, and the promise of a new world the scent implies.  Then again,  new paperback works as well
6)  Sunning on the beach, next to aquamarine water that promises relaxation
7)  Keeping up with friends online
8)  The characters of my favourite books... so many books, so little time. 
9)  Pleasure through touch (and no, I'm not talking about that.  Get yer minds outta there)
10) Bills paid, money left over

I'll throw out the general invite.  If ya wanna do it, do it.  Not forcing you.
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Am bored, tired and not sleepy, so memeage. Grabbed from [ profile] anonymous_sibyl

Big meme, so obvious cut. )

So, cannot sleep.
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1. Can't cook that well, but I do a mean breakfast.

2. I'm horribly right-handed.

3. I think I get a little insane when it comes to things PC and the Internet. And it's Internet, not internet.

4. I can drive, but don't really like to.

5. I read way too much science fiction for my own good.

6. I've never seen: Any CSI, any full episode of "Friends", and nothing from the Jossverse. I do like what I saw of "Smallville". though.

7. I think that a lot of my LJ friends have sexy minds. And no, no names.

8. I'm a HORRIBLE procrastinator.

9. I keep the Sims off my machine for fear of losing sleep.

10. I used to be addicted to condensed milk as a child.

11. I only pay for LJ because of teh icons.

12. I hate it when people are stressed out around me. Sets up some kind of weird negative feedback in mybody, and so I feel all weird.

13. I hope to maintain the inner child. He keeps me buoyant.

14. One of my addictions used to be business books. These days, not so much.

15. My book collection is out of hand. Prunage will take place soon, and the van Lustbader books will be in the "Please take one. No, I insist." box.

16. I still watch professional wrestling. Did you know that Ric Flair is the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION? (And no, I am not making this up. God bless the dirtiest player in the game)

17. Boredom is my enemy.

18. I am looking for the job that I can do in my jammies. Failing that, a job with decent bandwidth.

19. I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

20. I'm still a private person
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Pure idle speculation on my part

More of the Ron Weasley prophecies coming true - boy can see the future, despite his hatred for Sybil Trelawney's class. (So far, he's been a prefect and he's won the Quidditch cup - "Weasley is Our King". He'll probably end up as Head Boy.) The co-teaching of the class with Firenze might have somethig to do with that. He'll probably surprise himself by getting very high marks in Divination.

Confrontation between Voldemort and Harry in the air. it's possibly the only place for a wizard fight that JK hasn't explored. Harry's now coming into his powers and for the final confrontation to be anything more than a fluke, he's going to have to confront Voldemort in one sphere where he's not at a horrible disadvantage. Before the final confrontation, I mean.
* /me puts onhis robe and wizard hat*

More Malfoy pwnage is always good, but at some point, Draco and Harry may need to come to some sort of understanding. They will work together, but not like each other - kinda like Snape and Sirius used to be. Probably because Voldemort will kill Narcissa or Lucious. Plus Malfoy likes prestige - Lucious is now a felon and convicted Azkabanite so...

I don't want to see it, but the big death this rounds is actually going to be a Weasley (Bill or Charlie), Snape, Dumbledore, or even Aunt Petunia (don't laugh - she's the last living Potter relative of the blood)

The continuong evolution of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Neville Longbottom as kickass instinctive wizards. Hermione is already the brightest wizard of her generation - once she remembers she IS a witch. I'm sorta tying this in with the Weasley gift for prophecy.

Heh. Some unconventional answers, eh?


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