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Still a bit blah.

WARNING: I shop when I'm depressed if I'm not broke. If broke, I go hole up and reread stuff.

Went on private PC fix job. Tell guy that it makes no sense fixing his machine because he has the burst capacitors of DOOM and so needs a new motherboard. Apologize for not diagnosing problem sooner. Is it wrong for me to not ask for payment until I fix what is wrong? (Yes, I will charge him for my time eventually, but not right now)

After, go to Grand Bazaar (mall owned by Arabs - bit 'o trivia). Stoopid game store FINALLY has the Civ IV they claimn they have. I smile at everybody, even at salesgirl (who sheepishly apologizes to me for wasting my time yesterday, as she apparently remembers my simmering beastface of DOOM)

Sims 2 is crack. For me, crack is Civ building. God, is it ever civbuilding. *bobs hasppily in seat*


Narration by Leonard Nimoy!!!!

(also buy cheap copy of Freedom Force, a music mixing package (loops, really - no bloody Garageband for the PC) and a OLd game called "backyard Soccer" which should play on my lappy fine. It was cheap.

*plans to not come out until mid-january, but hope that game is better than the woeful Civ III expansion that kilt my love of the game DEAD.*

Games legal, BTW.

Hit the DVD rentals. Wallace and Gromit: (Aardman shorts) COME ON DOWN. Eddie Murphy: Raw: COME ON DOWN. New Wallace and Gromit, COME ON DOWN. Bird flying movie that came out this year: I will watch you.

HIt the pirate DVD store. Buy weird Spanish film with (produced by LUC Besson) on the cover - so no plot, but lots of the pretty violencia. School's Out Christmas movie (Nicktoon)...

Eat large sandwich, go to cybercafe. Type. Um, no, why would you think that I don't wanna go home? :P

So, shopped. say much about my mental state? :P

Christmas shopping? Haven't even thought much about it. Might end up with a Doug Christie jersey, though.


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